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    Dear Polly, I cannot thank you enough for these photographs.

    I remember turning up at your beautiful house a bit {too} early and feeling bad. You went to fetch me tea and biscuits as I worked whilst you finished up your tasks before we started to prepare for the shoot. You were so sweet when you dropped the little plate of biscuits on the floor, I wanted to give you a great big hug! 😉

    The next few hours were so much fun, I loved chatting with and getting to know you, laughing and giggling at the little painting in your room of the dog, my 1930s dinner party Husband and…’no teeth’ – remember? hehe!

    You are a wonderful, kind, funny, generous and beautiful human being Polly. I am so grateful for this opportunity and will treasure these photographs that I am so proud of forever.

    Thank you for teaching me I needn’t be nervous in front of the camera either :)

    Annabel xXx

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    Wow… I’m speechless. These are utterly breathtaking. Annabel you are one beauiful lady and Polly your work neverceases to blow me away! xxx

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    Polly and Annabel! What a team. Beautiful, timeless, gorgeous images. Annabel you look divine. Images you can treasure forever most definitely. Lots of love xxx

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